M3 car with cash-based, providing 3 unique color choices. But honestly, this car is precious son, too. "Nabuchushou." Not that this car how ugly or weak, but matte blue, matte white and matte red paint total of three colors is very beautiful, but also with the three interior appearance changed accordingly. However, as a special edition, it is basically not even think about this car out of the garage. First, the car must be washed by hand, yes you heard wrong must "hand wash", that can not be a common automatic washing machine or a high pressure water gun, or matte paint will wear fade. In addition, once off the gum or something like bird droppings, it must immediately clean up, or equally serious damage delicate paint. Well, M3 Frozen Edition does require "frozen" together. Other aspects of the car using the 19-inch wheels, electric adjustable sports suspension turbo suppliers uk, but also reduces the height of 1 cm, in order to better handling. Dynamic, the car has not changed, or cash 4.0L V8 engine, power is 414 horsepower and 400Nm of torque. Such delicate car actually did not open the road, how to control at all? In addition, this special edition M3 does not carry the 8-speed automated manual transmission, only equipped with six-speed manual gearbox, a little unkind, but estimated that BMW also take into account that the consumers willingness to buy it for collections. BMW M3 Frozen balanced turbo called 150 limited edition, priced at $ 76,395 (about 477,000 yuan), to begin production early next delivery. Recently, according to foreign media TopSpeed Golf 7 official map and the latest information, draw a new convertible version of the Golf 7 renderings, the convertible version with the ordinary version is exactly the same, but the feeling is not the same immediately after the convertible, and with the view. First, the front face is fully consistent with the new Golf, after all, is its convertible buyers fancy, rather than different front face, so you can understand. Golf 7 for the two-door convertible 4 design, do not know the long-wheelbase, rear space will have improved. Through the doors and trunk chrome trim make the body no significant monotonous, straight lines are very smooth. Cash convertible version of the waistline moved to the bottom of the door handle of the car, the overall look is more mellow. Power, the car will continue the cash power, continue to use the 85-hp and 140-hp 1.4TSI 1.2TSI two gasoline engines turbo for after, plus two diesel engine options.