... Yeah. ;-; Im more than a little dead inside over it. My shift yesterday was a closing shift, and it took Eve and I an hour to finish and clean everything we had to do after the restaraunt was closed, which sucked. qoq

I work Thursday and Saturday night, and Im definitely working Saturday alone, and if I had to guess Ill be mostly alone on Thursday night too because the person Ill be working with is working in the kitchen at the same time too. .-. Assuming both shifts go the same as last night did, Ill probably be there a while finishing everything, maybe longer than last night too since Ill be doing Saturday alone and I might be doing it mostly alone on Thursday too. 

Anyway, Im tired, and Im not really fantastic at words right now I dont think, so I think Im just gonna go to bed for tonight. D: Its almost ten thirty anyway. ;u; 

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! ;o; Ill try to get more written here then if I can. 

Good night guys! ;u;